There are rumors that Peter Smolenski was born in Northampton, Ma, USA where he was given the gift of art and music by the spirits of the meadows in the wildlife sanctuary behind the house where he still lives today.  Smolenski is not going to give you a lengthy list of shows, he is too busy experimenting and creating new art and music all the time. Smolenski only cares about what is happening right now. If you want to see his art or hear his music it is all over the internet. He is known as the reclusive Master of Abstract Art , playing his own game by his own rules.... “There are no rules in art”. Peter Smolenski's international recognition covers more than one art form. In the abstract painting community his 4.5 x 36 foot painting “Tiny” has no rivals. In experimental abstract light photography he has moved the bar so high that there are complaints that no one else can compete, which in both cases is a distraction from appreciating the quality and artistry of his work and an annoyance to Smolenski. He only deals with private collectors.  Smolenski is inventing his own art tools for future creations which will entertain the world in his unique way. Stay tuned.....
Paul Richmond from Human Error Publishing.
Self portrait of Peter Smolenski- The painter of billions of ciphers with The greatest abstract painting of all time - Tiny the 36 footer. See in detail full screen from the main page.
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