Words and images copyright (c) 2022 Peter Smolenski
Not telling anybody if I did it or not. Update ....haven't yet but will do it soon. Might be a tiny documentary/
                                                                        The impermanence of everything, including you.

To be forgotten about, as is the nature of time.
Took this photo today. Only been out there for a couple years. Also note dead tree and dead saw and dead  other stuff all going back to the Earth.

We''re all living proof that nothing lasts. Photo (c) 2022 Peter Smolenski

Keeley Fuzz bender with Graphics by Peter Smolenski
Limited Edition Keeley Fuzz Bender Edition of ONLY 40 with graphics by well known abstract artist Peter Smolenski. www.petersmolenski.com
These are remarked on the back by the artist with signature and edition number.
Destined to become a classic collectable awesome combination of distortion and art.
!There are still some left at the time of this update!
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Smolenski is well known all over the planet.
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Played some music with Burry in the back yard . His Electro Hamonix Freedom battery powered amp is awesome and I would now like one. I remember thinking I should have gotten one when we got them in brand new at the music store I worked at a million years ago. My shaman drum is awesome also. Good time.
Then Me, Burry and Grant went down into the wildlife sanctuary in back of my house. It was way too much walking for me and nowI can barley move, but it was so worth it. The amazing geology of the place, the clean air, no distractions and the wildlife were mind blowing. We even saw an otter. The great blue herons appeared as soon as we spoke about them. Was a magic woods walk . Too bad my body is failing so bad that it could have been the last time. Damn.
Watching Shark Tank. What a show. I know I could figure out some thing that would sell a lot , then need to keep being bought. I want to re-invent the paper clip or something. Art and music appear to be fully DEAD. Need to find something else to do to pass time before death.
Totally hate being alone almost all the time and in horrible pain and misery, but there are those moments with the right company of people and the ever changing art of nature that remind me of the good things about this thing we live in. Ready to leave at any moment however. It's been quite the thing.
Best wishes .
 Not having any kind of a good time. Totally have no clue what to do. Anxiety and depression are fucking bitches that suck all the life and creativity out of you. Art and music appear to be dead. If not the current state of it should be dead. Fuck it. Just about done with everything.
Totally fucked.
Huge awesome bear visit in my backyard today. See pics below.
Anybody have a job for a disabled abstract artist and musician?
Didn't think so.
Remembering how cool the last Buckethead show I saw was. Very.
Experiencing a weird creative block. Taking time off. Not sure why I feel guilty about it. Who actually gives a crap?
Chipmunks are kind of assholes in a few ways. If you spend any time with them you might find this to be true also. Maybe not.
Somebody wants to buy my house. Thinking about it. Never lived anywhere else.

Digitally twisted original painting (c) Peter Smolenski  Check it out in ChromaDepth 3D

Another "holiday"by myself. Since she died everything sucks almost all the time. Too many great memories. Now they hurt to think about.
Somebody wants to buy my house. If I can still get the cool building I was interested in I might actually do it. Could make that place into the most awesome live work art music studio. Wouldn't mind dying in there. If it just goes down easy.... cool, otherwise I'm ok here. Though I am living with my ghosts here.
Did some audio tracks for our little novel last night despite the unusual creative block. Sometimes the simple answer is.... be decadent, forget about food and bills and go get some Moonrocks. Two hits later I am out of screaming leg pain and reading the audio book. Great medicine. Finally got to try them. Perfect.
Seems like the country has been flushed down the toilet and the assholes in charge (?) keep thinking up new ways to make everything worse. Weird Al would be a better choice by far.
Let's vote for "Weird Al" Yankovic" ASAP

Abstract Light Photograph (c) Peter Smolenski

 Some call it "Light Painting". It's photography not painting.

We took down the site that was illegally trying to sell my art in less than 24 hours. There will be a link to the entire process and story on the new artstudio54.com as soon as it's ready. New look for the site. It's going to kick ass even more than it used to.
Faking that I'm not in intense pain and constantly in a state of panic or depression pretty well for the last week. If you have seen me and think I'm doing better don't buy it. It's all bullshit. Seriously. Freaking terrified and hurting over here. Don't come by, sick of pretending everything is fine. It's not.
And  less threatening, allergies have kicked in full blast. Miserable.
Haven't celebrated a holiday since my Ma died. Thinking about the amazing cook outs we had for the 4th. My Dad was a wizard on the grill. So many great memories. All mine now. Keeping them to myself. Miss you two more than anything.
Got some cracked corn and now I'm up to at least 7 squirrels. Named them all Fred to make it easier. After the main man Flintsone, a personal hero of mine.
Working on the audio/music for Mark's book "Felix" Epic dark comedy with many an awesome twist. Re-written until it was perfect. We might actually put it out someday. You are in for a great story if we do.
Please don't ever talk to me about politics. I'd really appreciate it.

Tiny the 36 footer converted into light. At the Oxbow of the CT. River near Mt. Tom.

Found another fake web site selling my art. Don't fall for it. My art is not for sale anywhere. I don't paint for money. It's more complicated than that. I do give a lot of art away to very cool people who need it. This shit pissed me off beyond belief. Going to make some changes to their website. Should be fun. Try it and see what happens. Double dare you. Don't steal people's art or music or anything else. Earn it. SEE UPDATE BELOW.....
John the lawn mowing guy is coming to mow my lawn today. Breaks my heart I can;t do it myself anymore, but he is awesome and I'm adjusting. 3 reasons why it's cool to mow your lawn.
1. It's got to be nice a nice day out.
2. You would have to be in somewhat decent shape to be out there doing it. ( I am way beyond at this point)
3. You are on a beautiful piece of land you temporarily call your own. (Nobody actually owns land, we just pass through time with things)

Having more fun with music than art currently. Glad that I have one or the other.

Hate the phone. Can't deal with the phone.

Here is one thing that might happen to your web site if you're trying to bootleg my art.
Some of the images might change. All of them could change. Could get worse.This is how they look now. Don't mess with Sister Ernestine or you will regret it!  I didn't start the battle but we will win. See my new images on their site above and know as an artist ... YOU DON"T HAVE TO TAKE THIS SHIT!
Try and bootleg my work some more so we can have more fun fucking you back a million times worse.
And consider your dumb asses reported to everyone who needs to know.
Realized I don't want to do this every day. Definitely not on weekends unless super crazy shit happens.
People who don't take down their tag sale signs should be fined. People who leave them up for weeks afterwards should be scolded and banned from having future events.
Played some music with the highly acclaimed Anders the other night, His first time on an axe fx. Was a good time for sure. I drummed the fuck out of my keyboard.
Hate the heat, hate the cold. Officially the cranky old man I was never supposed to live long enough to become.
Not sure if my leg with the tumors is getting better , or the medical weed is just working  better. Would be great to keep the leg if possible, Actually rode my bike the last 3 days. Much pain but way fun. Did not get too far.
Going to do the graphics for a limited edition Keeley compressor or fuzz pedal. It's going to be way,way cool. Probably only going to be 50 of them, possibly only 30. You can reserve one at Downtown Sounds in Northampton, but it's going to be a bit, as I just got word to do it....waiting for the template. Fun.

Coming out of the woods in back of my house. I live in a wildlife sanctuary.
Made believe my leg was fine and ate a bunch of pain killers (medical edible weed) and went on a bike ride through my amazing meadows/wildlife sanctuary. It's for sure going to really hurt bad when that shit wears off but it was awesome. Hard to say in words kind of awesome. Then when I came out of the woods there were a bunch of gorgeous young women in bikinis at the dock. Bonus!

Selling an almost new 3 wheel bike I bought and never rode. Local people can see it locked up outside my house.

Getting ready for an insane light photo session. Got a bunch of new light generating things out of free piles from tag sales. Seems like if I need something it's always out on the ground somewhere like the last 3 books I read.
The less I try the better I get.
Losing all toxic people out of my life. Two down and probably more to go.
I'd tell you what's up with one of them but you couldn't possibly believe me. . I think it's hilarious you think you could affect me. Never thinking about you again. (sure you are reading this).
New Mandela Effect thing happened. Absolutely real thing now seems to never existed except in the minds of those who recorded it. Nobody has it. There were many copies. Would have never deleted it as it was one of the last things me and Jeremy recorded before he died.                               
The song BIG TOE has been secretly erased from every hard drive and computer it was on. Me and Twilite and Mark who I emailed it to with and without vocals also has no copy of it, and he for sure remembers it existed. In fact he contacted me about it for a thing we are doing. It's GONE, NO EXPLANATION. The words are the only thing left.

My friend Jeremy  "The Schredder" Schriber a couple months before he split the planet. Most musical fun I ever had with anyone and more.

Now destroyed 4x 20 foot mural by me and Ted Mikulski. Mike Detelj on the assist. Painting in the rain that day was monumental. Otherwise it was hot as fuck all summer long. Finished it on one on my birthdays. This is about ten seconds after I finished it. Photo by Will Cluster.

Drove by a construction site. There was a very beautiful blond police woman working there. It was hot out. My first thought was "Hot Cop". Made sense both ways.
Went to a grocery store and got about 3 days of shitty food for 70 bucks. Thanks Joe Biden. You're an idiot and a criminal.
Waiting for my property tax bill to come. It's a stupid town and a stupid amount of money to live in your own house. Anybody want to buy a painting.....or a house or my music gear, get me while I am vulnerable.
The new Playsation Plus thing is awesome. Bumped it up to the max. Probably never gonna work again.
Hoping to play some tunes with Zalez tonight.
I think I slipped dimensions and wound up in a world where it's all a about money and politics and half the country is insane. I hate it and it sucks. Not the America I used to know. What the fuck are you supposed to do?
They don't want you coming back, they want you DEAD.

Creepy baby dolls in a bucket at the flea market many moons ago.

6/22/2022-- Thinking slightly about how much current music sucks and why.
Everyone on news channels and all politicians start their sentences out by first Saying "Look..." I would make a hilarious video of this if it were not so fucking stupid as to waste time.
Worked on some paintings today. Have seven finished and a bunch more fractions away from completion. Kind of struggling with painting and art in general these days mentally but still getting a lot of really good new work done even if it means nothing (or everything).
Trying to figure a bunch of impossible things out without much luck. Sticking to that story.
I have 2 sets of Red Cardinal families in my backyard along with every other kind of bird imaginable, with grey, red, and totally black squirrels, chipmunks, bears, deer etc. It's pretty cool. Been playing music with them. They are masters of improvisation. Some bird did a wicked cool solo the other day and was then joined by another in harmony like the Hotel California solo only better.
 Figuring out that solitude has definite benefits.
If I haven't gotten back to you in a while this is one of the reasons.
 Axe-FX 3  tonight I believe.

Mr. Brian Henneman from the Bottle Rockets. One of the greatest bands. Just went to the website and found out he has retired!! Rest well sir, your music will forever remain in my brain. Thanks for everything!
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