"Tiny", a 4.5 x 36 foot long acrylic and watercolor painting, is the result of an experiment in Quantum Painting. The painting contains millions of paintings within. Everywhere you crop it, you get four more paintings. See "Paintings Within Paintings" for examples. You can take it down to a sub- microscopic level. The idea is to explore and find what you can in there, if you feel like it. There are no rules in art!
Check this out in ChromaDepth 3D for an insane experience. Get Yourself and your friends some ChromaDepth 3D glasses here : https://the3dmarket.com/collections/chromadepth  Please tell them Peter Smolenski told you about them.
Peter Smolenski is the painter of billions of ciphers contained in one painting.
This painting is currently not for sale.

Abstract Art Northampton, Ma

World Class Abstract Art from Northampton, Ma
Abstract Art northampton
(C) 2020 Peter Smolenski
In Memory of Doris Smolenski, Walter Smolenski. and Jeremy Schriber,
Peter Smolenski - the greatest abstract painter of ever.
The greatest abstract painting of all time, Tiny the 36 Footer.
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